ASU Football: Highlights from ASU’s 27-24 Loss to Colorado


The Arizona State University Sun Devils faced a tough battle on the gridiron against the University of Colorado Buffaloes on a chilly Saturday evening. In a nail-biting showdown, ASU football came up short with a final score of 27-24. While the loss was undoubtedly disappointing for Sun Devil fans, the game was not without its highlights and noteworthy moments. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key moments from the game.

  1. Early Offensive Struggles

The Sun Devils got off to a slow start offensively, struggling to find their rhythm in the first quarter. The Colorado defense came out strong, putting pressure on ASU quarterback Jayden Daniels and limiting the Sun Devils’ scoring opportunities. This early struggle would prove to be a significant factor in the game.

  1. Explosive Plays in the Second Quarter

Despite the slow start, ASU found its footing in the second quarter, with Jayden Daniels connecting with wide receiver Ricky Pearsall for a spectacular 70-yard touchdown pass. This explosive play ignited the Sun Devil offense and gave the team some much-needed momentum heading into halftime.

  1. Defensive Resilience

ASU’s defense showcased its resilience throughout the game, repeatedly thwarting Colorado’s attempts to build a comfortable lead. The Sun Devil defense managed to force turnovers and make key stops, keeping the game within reach despite the early offensive struggles.

  1. Late-Game Drama

The most exciting moments of the game came in the fourth quarter when ASU mounted a late-game comeback attempt. Jayden Daniels led an impressive drive down the field, culminating in a touchdown pass to wide receiver Andre Johnson to bring the Sun Devils within striking distance.

However, Colorado managed to hold off the late surge from ASU, sealing the victory with a crucial field goal in the closing minutes of the game.

  1. Individual Performances

Several Sun Devil players stood out with their individual performances. Jayden Daniels showcased his talent and composure as a quarterback, finishing the game with over 300 passing yards and two touchdowns. Wide receiver Ricky Pearsall made a significant impact with his explosive plays, and the defense, led by standout performances from key players, made critical stops throughout the game.


While ASU football fans may be disappointed with the outcome of the game, there were plenty of highlights and memorable moments to take away from the matchup against Colorado. The early offensive struggles, explosive plays in the second quarter, defensive resilience, and late-game drama all contributed to a thrilling contest. The Sun Devils showed their determination and fighting spirit, and while the result was not in their favor, there is no doubt that they will bounce back stronger in the games to come. ASU football remains an exciting team to watch, and fans can look forward to more thrilling moments as the season unfolds.

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