Assamcareer Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar (SBMS) College Recruitment 2023: পদঃ শিক্ষা বিভাগৰ সহকাৰী অধ্যাপক

Are you ready to embark on your Assam career in the field of education? Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar (SBMS) College Assam is inviting applications for various teaching positions, and we are currently seeking an Assistant Professor for the Department of Education.

Assamcareer পদঃ শিক্ষা বিভাগৰ সহকাৰী অধ্যাপক

Position: Assistant Professor in Department of Education

No. of Posts: 1

Eligibility Criteria: Educational qualifications of candidates must align with the guidelines laid down in the Govt. Office Memorandum No. AHE.239/2021/68 dated 24-01-2022. The selection procedure will be as per the same Office Memorandum.

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Age Limit: The maximum age of the candidate as of 01-01-2023 should not exceed 38 years.

How to Apply: Ready to start your Assam career journey with Sualkuchi Budram Madhab Satradhikar (SBMS) College? Here’s how:

  1. Complete your application along with copies of all required documents.
  2. Include a Bank Draft for Rs. 1500/- (non-refundable), drawn in favor of Principal, S.B.M.S. College, Sualkuchi, payable at SBI Sualkuchi Branch.
  3. Submit your application to the Principal, SBMS College, Sualkuchi, P.O.: Sualkuchi, Kamrup, Assam, PIN: 781103 by 17th October 2023.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of shaping young minds and contributing to the field of education. Your Assam career journey begins here! Apply now and become an integral part of our mission to empower the next generation.

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What is Sualkuchi famous for?

traditional silk textiles

Discover Sualkuchi, a weaving center in Assam, known for its traditional silk textiles. India’s north eastern region has a rich hand weaving heritage. Unlike other parts of the country, here weaving is almost exclusively a women’s craft, done on the backstrap loom in the home.

What is Sualkuchi known as?

Sualkuchi is known as Manchester of Assam as it has large number of cottage industry engaged in handloom. This paper deals with sericulture tradition of Assam and the importance of Sualkuchi as a producer of silk. Silk producing activities are mostly home-based.

Why is Sualkuchi known as Manchester of Assam?

Sualkuchi is a village in the Kamrup Rural district of Assam, popularly known as the “Manchester of Assam” because of the flourishing cloth industry of the region. Sualkuchi is home to one of the most demanded fabrics in the world, the eri-muga-pat fabric.

Is Sualkuchi worth visiting?

Although there is no specific tourist destination in Sualkuchi, but you can definitely indulge in wandering around the village, as every nook corner and other aspect of the village is worth appreciation. Also, Go for shopping and buying the best specimens of silk-woven handlooms from the local market.

What is the Speciality of Tezpur?

Tezpur, an ancient city, located along the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra, is home to one such legend. Known as the ‘City of Eternal Love‘, Tezpur was the site of a love story that caused one of the most legendary celestial battles.

What is the old name of Sualkuchi?

The village even finds mention in Kautilya’s Arthashastra by the name of Suvarnakudya of ancient Kamrupa, where the best quality of Patrorna (Pat) was produced around the 4th century BC. Suvarnakudya was probably known later as Swarnakuchi, which probably became Sualkuchi in the end.

What is the history of Sualkuchi?

Sualkuchi is said to have been established in the 11th Century by King Dharma Pala of the Pala dynasty that ruled western Assam from 900 AD to about 1100 AD. Dharmapala, the story goes, brought 26 weaver families from Tantikuchi in Barpeta to Sualkuchi and created a weavers’ village close to modern-day Guwahati.

Is Sualkuchi famous for silk industry in Assam?

Sualkuchi is the textile center of Assam. Muga silk and Pat silk along with Eri silk and Endi cloth from this region is famous for its quality. Mekhela chadors and Gamosas made from this indigenous materials is in demand throughout Assam as well as other parts of India.

Which is the silk city of Assam?


“Sualkuchi” a few kilometers away from the capital city of Guwahati is the center of Assam silk Industry. The skilled weavers of the place have created such a reputation in the industry that the region can be rightly called “The Silk Heaven of India”.

Which city is called Indian Manchester?

city of Ahmedabad

The city of Ahmedabad in the Gujarat state is famously known as the “Manchester City of India”. This name was given to this city by a popular textile center in the Manchester of Great Britain, adhering to the striking similarities of Ahmedabad’s prospering cotton textile industries with the ones in Manchester.

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